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October 28, 2021 06:32:48
Users: 5,385
Paid: $1,204 USD
Online: 13


$50 Referral Contest
[Jul 15th, 2020 - Aug 15th, 2020]
It is not allowed to recruit referrals using illegal activities that may affect their quality including but not limited to create multiple accounts, buy referrals, use of incentive such as PTSU offers, ref banks, generate fake referrals, spam. By doing so members may be disqualified. General terms and conditions of the website apply.
1st ryan88 $20 USD
2nd dreamyne $10 USD
3rd Calfan01 $5 USD
4th cipo1 $3.3 USD
5th namib62 $2.5 USD
6th niggy72 $1.5 USD
7th ptcmonitor $0.7 USD
8th aayafi $0.7 USD
9th Champions $0.7 USD
10th ptcmonitorbd $0.7 USD
11th alcoor $0.3 USD
12th Baummarder $0.3 USD
13th shamla $0.3 USD
14th danliopes40 $0.3 USD
15th medi13 $0.3 USD
16th fellamar $0.5 USD
17th rodelien $0.5 USD
18th wolverin $0.5 USD
19th funkymoney $0.5 USD
20th eszmal $0.5 USD
21th infoptc $0.2 USD
22th QShare $0.2 USD
23th lkuzmanovski11 $0.2 USD
24th shiro17 $0.2 USD
25th amar45 $0.2 USD
$10 View Ads Contest
[Oct 3rd, 2020 - Oct 17th, 2020]
General terms and conditions of the website apply. No bots or automate software, tools to view ads are allowed. Prizes may change and subject to decrease or increase based on the website revenue. Upgraded members have more ads available.
1st eszmal $1.25 USD
2nd Deadownz $1 USD
3rd narvarro77 $0.75 USD
4th Reza95 $0.75 USD
5th jerome $0.75 USD
6th Viti2012 $0.5 USD
7th eveyh $0.5 USD
8th Avak25 $0.5 USD
9th flaiyer $0.5 USD
10th palyo $0.5 USD
11th madar $0.3 USD
12th linjors1975 $0.3 USD
13th luci88ct $0.3 USD
14th Champions $0.3 USD
15th niggy72 $0.3 USD
16th Pechenko $0.2 USD
17th palafoxteam $0.2 USD
18th im44an $0.2 USD
19th alcoor $0.2 USD
20th Bonie $0.2 USD
21th abogana $0.1 USD
22th fellamar $0.1 USD
23th devergo007 $0.1 USD
24th godfather84 $0.1 USD
25th rikustek $0.1 USD
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